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About Natasha
Gold medallist Para dressage rider Natasha Baker continues to wow on the international stage following her outstanding performance at the Paralympics in 2012, where she won two medals and then in 2013 at the Europeans she claimed another three Golds. At Rio, Natasha also won 3 Gold Medals.


Natasha contracted a virus, Transverse Myelitis when she was just 4 months old, which means that she cannot walk unaided and does not have any feeling in her legs, therefore when she is in the saddle, Natasha rides without stirrups as for her to loose her stirrups or get them stuck could cause a nasty accident, so it is safer and easier for her to ride without. Despite her disability, Natasha's talent has shone continuously, with the young rider also competing successfully in able-body competitions.


“Golly Galoshes are an ingenious idea for both schooling/warm-up and out hacking, helping to keep my boots and bandages looking good and staying dry, no matter what the riding conditions!”



Victoria Bax is rapidly gaining a reputation as a talented event rider and expert in retraining ex-racehorses and transforming them into model eventers. Passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable, Victoria is based in Essex and does have a thing about horsey products in Pink (which is why she loves our Magenta Pink Golly Galoshes!)   but that is as far as the stereotyping goes! Victoria has had numerous successes over the years and has competed both nationally and internationally. Victoria teaches all over the UK and is a firm favourite with the media. Victoria believes that ultimately ex-racehorses can, with correct rehabilitation and retraining, enjoy second careers in other disciplines and where they may have been deemed to be a failure in one can be internationally successful in the next. Victoria has a string of talented horses in training, and continues to train riders at all levels nationwide.
"We believe that we owe it to racehorses” Explains Victoria who have given so much enjoyment and sometimes financial reward that their lives should not end when they can not race anymore"
All the fabulous photography which you see of Victoria on our website is kindly supplied by Equuis Photography.
“With so many horses in work, Golly Galoshes have certainly saved my washing machine from the normal constant stream of boots and bandages! They are lightweight, breathable and waterproof and have already become an essential bit of kit, which we really couldn’t live without now”