About Golly Galoshes

A Business Built Upon An Equestrian Passion


Golly Galoshes is the creation of Jean Hammond, a former high-flying executive

working for a huge US finance corporation, who decided to swap the city

for the countryside andJean and Sky concentrate fully on developing the product, which

we have now come to recognise as Golly Galoshes.


A successful international brand, Golly Galoshes are worn by riders across all disciplines and levels from top eventers through to happy hackers and like all good ideas, it all started at the kitchen table, as Jean explains:


“I have ridden all my life and even competed internationally in both eventing and endurance and it was an endurance horse that set Golly Galoshes on the road! The horse had sores on his legs, due to grit and wet getting up underneath his boots, which meant that we had to find a way of protecting his legs, so I came up with this idea of cutting up an old raincoat and designing special gaiters to be worn over his boots. We tried all sorts of things from polythene and duck tape ! Through trial and error, I came up with a workable design and after trailing it on a number of horses and getting fantastic feedback from riders, it was my daughter who recommended that I should think about producing them commercially”


After much deliberation and an endless stream of new orders through word of mouth, Jean recognised that this was a product that truly had place in the equestrian world and in 2009 she officially launched the gaiters, which we see today and as she explains, her passion for horses is still as great as it was all those years ago:


“I really do care about the horses’ welfare and comfort and it was always my mission to create a product that not only offered the ultimate in quality and practicality from a horse owners’ point of view, but one which never ever compromised horses’ comfort. Even today, my gaiters are still hand checked for

quality control and manufactured here in the UK. I love hearing

back from customers, be they are everyday horse owners, professional

riders and even vets who have used my gaiters and listening to their stories.

As a passionate equestrian myself, nothing gives me more pleasure that getting

feedback from customers and do I ever regret exchanging the boardroom for the

tack room? Not a chance!”